In a warm environment, a client is invited to the massage table, which symbolizes a sacred altar. The person is draped minimally so that generous amounts of blessed oil may be applied with long flowing strokes. Specific music is played to assist the person to open the heart center and rearrange the body and mind for transformation.

This Hawaiian tradition was only practiced by the kahonas, priests; often three or four kahonas would take a person into the caves at sunrise and perform this sacred ritual until they sensed the person had healed in all aspects of the life. An event in life, such as a marriage or separation, loss of a loved one or developmental change from childhood into adulthood, would be the chosen time to experience lomi. With specific rhythmic movements, support is offered to free the person of old patterns or memories locked in the body's tissue.

Since nudity is involved, this modernized form is offered to the same gender.